So it took a little bit of searching but I was finally able to find, and read, "The Tenants" by William Tenn. It's been extremely busy with all of my classes right now, not to mention that I'm overloading this semester, so I've been too swamped to find the time to read a whole novel for this class.

The story, in a nut shell, is about hiring in an urban office space by otherworldly being, which seems simple enough. The main character is Sydney Blake, an employee at the real estate firm Wellington Jimm & Sons. After just a short time the story goes completely strange as two prospective tenants for the building are introduced. Tohu and Bohu are a bit odd and want to rent the 13th floor of the building, but that floor doesn't exist. They end up renting it anyway, and then the story takes yet another turn onto bizarro street; all of the movers and such don't find it odd whatsoever that "only those that have any business on the 13th floor" can even reach the office there. This is when Blake constantly attempts to reach the 13th floor, but keeps failing. I think in a way, not being able to reach the 13th floor is just driving Sydney Blake insane, which is in complete contrast to the other people who have already accepted the unusual. Curiosity killed the cat.

I really liked reading this short story, partly because it's such a simple tale that comes across so clear and interesting. Its been quite refreshing to be honest. It was also like a very subdued horror story in a way, with a little satire thrown in the mix.